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Lew and Huey is a fairly new micro-brand watch company founded by Chris Vail. In September of 2012 Chris decided he could design a watch people would like, get it made and sell it at an affordable price. In doing research, he stumbled upon an amazing online community of watch enthusiasts, and they welcomed him in. Since then it's been a weird and wonderful journey of learning, and making some very interesting friends around the world. If it wasn't for their encouragement and willingness to share, this would not have happened.

Chris is an active member of the WUS (watchuseek) online forum where he drew inspiration and advice for his new watches. The name Lew and Huey is an Anglicized version of the Mandarin "luen huey", which means reincarnation or rebirth. The phrase captures the Chris Vail's life philosophy of second chances, essentially, that every dog has his day. Hence, the unique barking dog logo.

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