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Project watches are designed to be on-trend, unique, stylish and very affordable. Project Watches is run by Jack Markuse, who has worked for the last three decades to marry architecture and design in the products we use every day. In 1992, they began designing unique watches. This has led to a variety of collections, including watches that were directly inspired by buildings and designed by the architect. Today, notable timepiece designers include Stanley Tigerman, Laurinda Spear, Richard Meier and many others.

In 2001 Projects began to develop Architect Designed Timepieces (i.e.watches designed by architects.) These watches have a three-dimensional aspect to them. They deal with color, structure and each element of the watch “plays” off other aspects of the watch. Simply put, the beauty, structure and appeal are obvious.

Projects newest Kinetic Collection of watches direct themselves to a more trend setting consumer. It is Projects newest and fastest growing segment of the market. For individuals who normally depend upon their cell phones or IPODS for the time (and are driven by the watches design elements) these watches do something; they are interactive, if you will. These watches include the best selling ever Reveal Watch which shows the time fading away from the old or just passed by time, and fading into the new. All the watches shown here are unique and eye catching. You are sure to find one that inspires you.

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