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Vostok-Europe is a relatively young watch brand of the Lithuanian-Russian joint venture with Koliz-Vostok and the new brand was created especially for the Basel Fair 2004. The Vostok-Europe line combines cases and accessories of the most modern technology with approved, carefully optimized mechanical movements of the biggest Russian watch manufacturer, Vostok Watch Makers Inc. As a result, the line carries a formidable pedigree dovetailed with the style of a young, ingenious new company. Under the slogan "The best of soviet technologies for modern watch design," each line is based on an example of Soviet technological, architectural, or cultural achievement. Since its debut at Baselword 2004, Vostok-Europe watches continue to combine style and substance in a remarkably affordable combination. Vostok-Europe is the new definition of the cost-effectiveness for mechanical watches. All of the models in this line are named after great and glorious achievements in Russian history such as the K-3 nuclear submarine, the N1-Rocket, and the Arktika (the 1st ship to reach the North Pole).

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