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Zeno Swiss Watches

For over eighty years, ZENO watches have been produced largely by hand using traditional techniques performed by experienced watchmakers. Zeno was named after the Greek philosopher Zeno of Kition and means “gift of Zeus” or “god given”. In the manufacture of ZENO watches, great care is taken to make high quality timekeeping instruments with an exceptional cost-benefit ratio. Since 1922, the watchmakers at ZENO have been making individual pieces with a prominent personality, distinctive character and timeless beauty. Zeno is well known for its wide array of pilot watches. But, recently Zeno has also gained much notoriety with their Airplane dive watches which come in both quartz and automatic varieties. Zeno also has been at the forefront of big and oversize watches. Zeno offers an amazing array of exciting models with case sizes extending up to 50mm in diameter.

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